Monday, November 29, 2004

Eating in the mess hall and the CIB

This past weekend was great. Saas Fee was awesome for snowboarding and expensive. More to come.

While eating in the dinning facility or in the old army lingo, the mess hall, you will end up sharing a table will sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen who was wounded or has a medical condition from the Middle East. Since Landstuhl Medical Center is down the street there is a medical transition company in the next kaserne. The Marines who were wounded in Fajulla carry themselves with a bit of swagger and tell some incredible stories. One navy female Chief Petty Office who is a truck driver was asking me why she could not receive the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB). I told her that the regulations will only allow infantrymen, not tankers, field artillerymen or other service members to receive the CIB. The infantry corps or mafia (depending on your point of view) will never allow the CIB go to outside the infantry. She told me that she mastered and could use any weapon that the infantry used and how she was wounded in an engagement during a convoy. I sympathized with her and said that the Department of Defense will have to address this issue of rewarding support troops bearing a heavy load of the combat during present operations. She left the table not happy, but wished me the best luck and I did the same.


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