Sunday, November 21, 2004

Later tonight

This afternoon I took the bus to the center of Kaiserslautern to eat a nice German dinner in a café. The bus ride cost 1.60 Euro or 2.08 USD for a five minute, two mile ride. All the stores were closed; I thought they would be open for Christmas shopping and only a few small shops at the “Christmas Village” next to the main church were open. My intention was to find some German Christmas gifts for my girls. A concert of Mozart’s Requiem mass was being conducted tonight and I would have liked to attended, but I was not dressed appropriately, so it was a not to be.

Dinner was potato soup, bratwurst, purple cabbage and mash potatoes washed down with some Alt Beer for 12.70 Euro. Not bad, since I did not have to walk with a tray, tell a server that I want some of that and bus my own plate and eating implements. What was surprising, a German couple sat next to me and asked if the food was good and I replied “”Jah, gutten.” Do I look German? Maybe it is my Celtic FC shirt.

Tomorrow will be a long day of qualifying on my rifle. More details later.

I have spent an hour trying to fix the side bar of links, but Blogger’s servers must have had too much Alt beer to drink, because it looked like crap. So I just deleted half of it make it look more presentable. Time for bed.


Blogger Sean said...

All right Bob! Gotta love the Internet.

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