Saturday, November 20, 2004

Reporting to duty

About a week ago I left my wife and two daughters with friends. It was a tearful good bye between me and my wife. I told her that I love her and gave her a kiss. My three year old daughter ran away and said she wanted watch the television, while my eight month old daughter just smiled. My friend J told me to keep low and come back in one piece. After that I drove from Bethel, CT to Logan Airport in Boston. It was beautiful outside with a fresh coat of two inches of snow. I made it Logan Airport and the flight to JFK was late because of the snow, but I was told that I would have enough time to make my connection to Frankfurt. When I landed at JFK, I ran down the terminal, got on the plane, sat in my seat and saw that the airplane door was closed behind me.

Delta is pretty airline good, but it has a bit of catching up to do with Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines. Both of those airlines give you your own flat screen TV to watch a variety of movies.

When I landed at Frankfurt Airport I took a train to the main train station in Frankfurt and then switched to another that went to Darmstad, Manheim, Neusted and Kaiserslautern. It was an easy ride and very efficient. The trains left on time and the cars were clean. Last was a taxi ride to the gate of the Kaserne. All of that took 22 hours. Not bad considering that I covered a third of the planet.


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