Sunday, December 05, 2004

Convoy training and Switzerland.

During the next week I will be training for live fire convoy training at Grafenwoehr. Here are some examples. It has been interesting seeing the unit come together for this big milestone. As the Executive Officer said this is the 10 meter target that we got to knock down. So I might be incommunicado for the next five days. More details and the history of Graf.

During the Thanksgiving break I went to Saas Fee, Switzerland. I drove six hours on the autobahn in a rental car, so I did not mind going 140kms to 220kms/hour. Then I drove the car on to a train that went under the Alps in a tunnel. I stayed at the Hotel Tenne for a nice price with a room that had a balcony. The view was spectacular! It looked like Gondor out of the Lord of the Ring movies. Also the food was good. Nothing beats veal bratwurst for Thanksgiving dinner. The snow conditions were great. It was carve city. Also you have to take a subway to get to the top of the mountain! It was cool to see the national teams do some early season training and watching the disabled Swiss ski team makes me wonder why some people whine. When a person with one leg or paraplegic strapped in to the chair go down the Super-G race course it is awe inspiring. If you are going to Switzerland bring lots of money, because it is expensive. It cost me five Swiss Francs for a small coke in a bar or Big Mac meal is 12.90 CHF Switzerland Francs or 11.45 USD United States Dollars in Egerkingen. I might do again on the way back from Afghanistan, since there is summer riding at Saas Fee. Last the Swiss are cool, no one bothered me for being an American or a soldier. I met some Italians and Slovakians and they loved America and GW Bush. I told them America is not how Hollywood makes it looks, but all they wanted to do was meet Pam Anderson.


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