Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hearing and fixing links

While on live fire training, trying to hear things can be confusing. Sit in a HMMWV with the heater blasting, with an M-16 or M-249 firing and try to listening to a SINGARS radio. You are suppose to wear hearing protection, but the little foam ear protection makes it hard to listen to the radio, so I went without hearing protection and my ears are still ringing. I might buy some hearing protection from one of these retail outlets. here and here.

I just fixed the list of links last night. My HTML coding skills are improving. I tried to put a links to different points of view, since I feel you should be aware of what others think and the only way to do so is to actually read about them yourself.


Blogger BrendonM said...


If you want Kath and I to go in on ear protection $, let us know -- happy to help out. We are trying to figure out what to get you for Xmas besides calling cards!


5:58 PM  

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