Saturday, December 18, 2004

I might be working with these guys in the future.

This might have some bearing on where I might be sleeping in a while. So the west might be on the horizon. It looks like the UN is trying to work some magic with the Iranians, but I hope this does not end up like other failed UN operations. The US forces are expanding its Area of Operation (AO). Here is a map of Afghanistan; the light part is where the EU Euro Corps or ISAF is operating. The lower dark section is the US AO. The Dutch are going to add more soldiers to their contingent, but the Germans may just stay in Kabul for constabulary duties? I hope they do more than train the Kabul Police Department. Unfortunately the Canadians will be reducing their numbers soon soon. I have served with them and they were professional. They are straight talking, courteous and great fighters, but they were kind of short changed in the equipment department. Their presence will be missed.


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