Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Winter action and calling home.

Strategy Page describes how and why the US Army is going starting using its tactical mobility and logistical advantages this winter in Afghanistan. More here.

I like to call home to hear my wife’s voice and to keep up to date with family and friends. She is telling me the business side of running the house. I give her advice and keep the tone up beat. It is heartening to hear about the friends who have offered to help her do things that I would have normally done if I was around the house. Since she is moving back into our house after living in England for the past 18 months, there will be lots of things to do such as hang photos and pictures, move furniture, do the heavy lifting and other stuff that I would do. I am proud of my wife that she is holding up pretty well and I tell her that I love her.

When I call my wife, she hands the phone to my three year old daughter and she starts chatting like a bird, “Daddy I did this or that.” It is great to hear her talk and sometimes I hear the English accent that she picked up, but it breaks my heart to hear her tell me that she wants to join the army to see me or tells me to come home now. I tell her that I love her and I will bring her a present when I go home on Christmas leave. Then she asks what it is, I tell her it is a surprise and she starts crying. This is one of the hardest parts of this deployment.

Before I talk to my nine month old daughter she is jabbering away saying “dada or mama” in the background, but when my wife puts up the phone to her ear and I start talking, she goes silent and smiles. Boy do I miss my girls and wife. This totally blows.


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