Saturday, January 15, 2005

AWOL: Absent with out leave, quote and's commercials

Sorry for being AWOL lately, I have been working on a staff estimate for the past few days that was finished in MS PowerPoint. After cashing favors, emailing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), complying databases and doing other analysis, we finished our presentation. To maximize our efforts we split our group into a day and night shifts so we could cover more of the globe and we could catch people during the day for emails and phone calls.

One of our night staffers was appointed as the Slide Master to format, merge slides from other staff members and make the presentation consistent and pretty. Well our slide master whose shift was suppose to be 12 hours in length was actually doing half a day AND night shift or 18 hours. After a few days of that he was feeling woozy with the lack of sleep and drinking massive amounts of coffee. So what did he do? He saved the original slide presentation or the unpopulated slide with no data OVER the finished product at 2:00 am of the day we were suppose to do the presentation for the big people or who those are a few pay grades over our heads.

He said right after he clicked on the save button he realized what he did and the “oh shit” phase of screwing up commenced. Right after that he ran out to get his handy or cell phone and call us to let us know of his misdeed. I was awakened out of a dead sleep, told what just transpired and said “WTF?” that is no joking matter. When I realized it was the truth, I check my watch, set the alarm function to wake me up in an hour for I knew this would be a monumental task to recreate the presentation, because I shreded my notes and deleted email for security reasons.

I though the perpetrator of this mess would be consuming copious amounts of fecal matter at a rapid velocity from all involved, but everybody was pretty good and focused on recreating the presentation. In the end all went well, but the lesson learned was to back up the presentation.

Quote of the day: Is it time to drink the purple cool aid yet?

I am watching MTV Germany while writing a post and I have seen the same commercial for “Scooter” a house music band selling polyphonic ring tones 10 times with in the last 20 minutes. They must be desperate to sell this stuff.


Blogger David said...

Ooh - I feel your pain. Time 1155hrs. Time of presentation to General Officer Commanding and entire staff of combat HQ in Middle East 1230hrs. Format flask drive Y/N Yep! Oh ruhbarb! CD Backup? In portacabin! Whaaaat!

Never have I run so fast and lost so much weight in 30 minutes!

12:33 PM  

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