Sunday, January 16, 2005

CNNi and MLB

If I eat meals at the DFAC there are two big screen televisions going. Usually ESPN is muted and CNN international is blasting. If you watch CNN international it is different from CNN that is broadcasted to the US. I think a lot of people forget that CNN is a profit making corporation and it generates lots of revenue from its overseas market.

One thing a money making, profit driven entity, such as CNN try not to do, is to piss off its customers (viewers) and profit stream (advertisers). If you look at its advertisers, see when they are based and who their possible customers are, it is easy to understand why CNN has a ”bias.” Red Sea Riviera in Egypt, Qatar Airlines, Sir Lankian Air or try this link, Air Emirates, Madrid Tourism, Thuraya Satellite Cell Phones, Orascum-Turkish cell phone company with its main market in the Middle East and various national and regional travel agencies purchases lots of advertising time on CNN international.

Then some of CNN content is not made by CNN, it is in made other countries by companies that I suspect is part of some country’s foreign ministry department or tourism board. That is why the “World Report” has a softball feel. It does not ask any hard questions. I wonder if CNN made any other deals with foreign governments to get permission to “report” the news, as they did with Saddam in Iraq. Can you email CNN and ask for copies of segments that came out of Iraq during Saddam’s reign? I wonder what they looked like?

I just saw that Major League Baseball (MLB) announced a new “drug testing policy.” A few of us soldiers laughed when we compared it with the US Army’s policy of zero tolerance. I had two urine analysis tests last year and I figure that I will get the first of many this year soon. Also if the MLB policy does not meet the International Olympic Committee’s standard, will US baseball players still be able to play in the Olympics?

Quote of the day: Don’t let logic cloud the situation.


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