Saturday, January 29, 2005

Day trip, classes, acronyms and quote.

I just returned from a day trip to Metz, France. It was fun, enjoyable and cold, but not as bad as New England. The French were nice, a few thought I was a German, but when I explained that I was an American soldier from Kaiserslautern, I was told in English, “you are good!” I will put together another post tomorrow.

We are taking lots of classes reviewing the basics of soldering. For soldiers with background in the combat arms it is a review, but everybody else it is time to clear out the cobwebs. Some of the subjects that was gone over were: react to near and far ambush,react to indirect fire, and learning how to be a Liaison Offfier/NCO. Some of it will be applicable to life in the civilian world.

PEDD Primary Explosive Detection Dog
PIR Parachute Infantry Regiment
PNDD Primary Narcotics Detection Dog
POI Point Of Impact/Interest
POO Point Of Origin
PRnC Purchase Request & Commitment
PRT Provisional Reconstruction Team
PSC Perimeter Security Company
PSD Personal Security Detail
PSO Personal Security Officer
PUC Persons Under Confinement
RAM Random Anti-terrorism Measures
RC-E,S, & W Reginal Command-East, South, & West
RIF Regional Interrogation Facility
RIP Relief In Place
RRF Rapid Response Force
RSOI Reception, Staging, Onward-movement, & Integration
RST Religious Support Team
SALT-R Size, Activity, Location, Time-Remarks (Action Taken)
SIGACT Significant Activity
SOG Sergeant Of the Guard
SPIDERS (HUMMV mounted IR optic system)
SPO Security Plans and Operations
TACP Tactical Air Control Party (Air Force)
TASS Tactical Automated Sensor System
TB Taliban
TCN Tactical Control Network
THT Tactical HUMINT Team
TOA Transfer Of Authority
TPFDL Time Phased Force Deployment List
TR Tower Roving element
TWG Threat Working Group
UNAMA United Nations Assistance Mission Afghanistan
UTAMS Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT System
VBIED Vehicle Borne Improved Explosive Device
WNN World News Network (Exercise Network)
WSTI Wide Surveillance Thermal Imager

Quote of the day: Don’t do anything that I would not do, but if you do, use lubricant.


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