Thursday, January 27, 2005

Exit strategy, hobby, tools and acronyms

A few soldiers at the unit are talking or really joking about an “exit strategy” for Iraq. I hate to say I have not seen or heard of any operation order or policy paper that states an exit strategy. I am currently typing this essay on my computer in an US Army operated Kaserne in Germany. America also operates military facilities in Italy, Japan, and among other places on the globe. We did not have an “exit strategy” for those locations also. If the US did it could be described with one word-victory. Look at Viet-Nam, the US had an ‘exit strategy” for that conflict and look at what it got us.

I hope that the upcoming Iraqi election shows that the ballot is stronger than the bullet. Are you rooting for the common folk in Iraq for their right to vote? Remember who said that the concept of democracy is an "evil principle…….and those who follow this wrong ideology." The one who spoke that is also the one who beheads “evil ones.’

I might be involved with the upcoming parliamentary elections in Afghanistan later this year. Not many on the other side of the aisle of Congress or the media gives the US military or present administration a compliment for a job well in Afghanistan. It is not bloody enough for them or a failure to sell newspapers or advance careers, so it will not fit their agenda, why do so?

Friends ask me how long you think we will be in Iraq or Afghanistan? I ask them how long have we been in Germany, Japan or other places for an answer. We will leave when asked and have done so in the past. Ask the French about 1966 as an example.

Is any human rights group keeping track of how many Iraqis are beheaded or killed by the insurgents? Just wondering.

Some soldiers, airmen and marines are still keeping busy with their hobbies down range and here is a great example. I might join them, since going on patrol can get old after a while. I might have to bring some glue.

JLENS is a tool that I might be using in the near future.

Here is part of a list of acronyms that was complied for the Afghani AOR.

ACCE- Air Componant Coordination Element
ACM- Anti Coalition Militia (Taliban, HIG, Al Queda)
ADACG- Airfield Arrival/Departure Control Group
AELT- Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Team (Air Force)
AMF- Afghan Militia Forces
AMR- Air Movement Request
ANA- Afghan National Army
ANP- Afghan National Police
AOR- Area Of Responsibility
APOD- Area Port Of Debarkation
AQ- Al Queda
ASG- Area Support Group
ASL- Authorized Stockage List or Allowable Supply List
ATFP- Anti Terrorism Force Protection
ATO- Air Tasking Order
AVIM- Aviation Installation Maintenance
BAF- Bagram Air Field
BANA- Battalion Afghan National Army (Also Kandak)
BATS- Ballistic Aerial Target System
BDOC- Base Defense Operations Center
BOAB- Base Operations Assessment Brief
BOC- Base Operations Center
BOG- Boots On Ground or Boots Off Ground
BOM- Base Operations Manager
BUA- Battle Update Assessment
BUB- Battle Update Brief
CAC-A- Combined Assistance Command-Afghanistan
CAT-A- Civil Affairs Team-Alpha
CCIR- Critical Command Information Requirement
CCL- Combat-Configured Load
CDS- Containerized Delivery System
CFC-A- Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan
CFLCC- Combined Forces Land Component Command
CGO- Counter-Guerilla Operations
CHS- Combat Health Support
CI- Counter Intelligence
CID- Criminal Investigation Division (Army)
CITF- Criminal Investigation Task Force
CJCMOTF- Combined Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force
CJOA- Combined Joint Operations Area
CJSOTF-A- Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force
CJTF- Combined Joint Task Force
COP- Current Operational Picture
COR- Commander Of Relief
CUB- Commander's Update Brief


Blogger Mike said...

You're spot on about the disappearance of Afghanistan from the national radar. It's simply amazing to look back at the news reports from late 2001 on regarding OEF. First it was going to be a quagmire, just like the British and Soviets. When that didn't happen, the country was ruled by warlords and elections wouldn't work. When the elections went off without a hitch...LOOK AT IRAQ!!!! It's reminiscient of Orwell's "memory hole" that Wretchard has been blogging so much about.

The talk of the NATO withdrawal from France reminds me when the Secretary of State asked the French Foreign Minister if the U.S. troops buried in Normandy, the Ardennes, and the Hurtgen would be allowed to stay.

Anyway, are you in to modeling? I used to be, but kind of lost the time. Still have a 1:48 B-17 I need to get built.

8:33 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Mght want to check this link out about the media and the 'Stan

9:27 PM  
Blogger b said...


Yes, I just read the post at Captains Quarters. It is spot on. No news is good news, unless you are selling papers. I was writing something on the same line on the way back from Mettz while riding the train.

I do some models, most of the time modern fighters. I might bring some glue, paint and brushes. I am trying to figure out if I can lay my hand on a air compressor for an air brush.

11:55 PM  

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