Wednesday, January 19, 2005


If you are going to buy something for your beloved trigger puller, here are a few suggestions:

A high power light by Surefire. They are so bright can blind people and be attached to an M-4 for night time action.

If you are going to buy a GPS make sure that it is water proof, use the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) and is backlit, so it can be used at night without shining a flash light on it and having it wash out, because of the bright light.

If your trigger puller uses a pistol or a GPS, get a lanyard that coils up like an old fashion telephone cord or retracts. It sucks trying to find your gear after falling out of a helicopter or HMWVV during an engagement.

I don’t make money or get any free swag from the vendors of the links that are above. Some civilians don’t have a clue about tactical gear and that is ok. If you asked me about surgical equipment or baking supplies I would have been equally clueless; that is the great thing about the internet and blogs, we can spread the knowledge.

Quote of the day: A good plan executed violently is better than an excellent plan done feebly.


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