Monday, January 10, 2005

Greetings from Graf and late Christmas

Greetings from Graf. I just found a computer that I can post from. Most computers are part of the SIPR or Securer Internet for the military. SIPR does not have any contact with the regular internet so, no access to

Right now I am part of Unified Endeavor and we are pulling our heads out of our fourth point of contact, trying to get as much information to do our job, and meet new people that we will be working with down range. We just developed four Courses of Actions (COA) for a PowerPoint presentation. I hope I will not become a slide slut or bitch.

It is unseasonably warm for Graf for this time of year. There is no snow on the ground and it is above freezing today.

A few days ago it was Christmas for me. I went through the Army’s Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI), More information here, the other day. I was going to spend a few dollars on nice high speed, low draw, high tech, equipment and clothing items from shops like US Cavalry or Ranger Joes and buy a few hundred dollars of equipment such as silk underware, Wiley XL ballistic sunglasses, MICH helmet, but Uncle Sam just the delivered goods. I walked out with a duffle bag or at least a thousand dollars of equipment. Socks, polar fleece pants and jackets, gloves, winter and summer boots with gortex and vibram soles, goggles, night vision goggle mounts for MICH helmets. It was great and this will save Private Snuffy a few paychecks, but the vendors like Blackhawk, must be cursing.


Blogger Mike said...

This RFI sounds like a really good deal. It's almost enough to make me rethink and become a ground pounder. I remember reading in Backpacker magazine last year about how the Army was just now getting around to integrating synthetics and gore-tex with its clothing. Vibram soles are niiiice, and so is polar fleece.

Have fun with the new gear!

8:30 PM  

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