Monday, January 24, 2005

MDMP, description, tools and equipment.

Do you want to know the decisions are made and orders drafted? View this PowerPoint presentation for the basics of the Military Decision Making Process or MDMP that is part of the Army culture now. It is a customized decision process that emphasizes facts and tries to quantifes assumptions. The Army boiled down the essentials of the MBA schools for soldiers. The Army spends lots of time educating upper ranking NCO and all officers to standardized decision making in staffs. It works best in a group, but also it can be used by an individual. Rumor had that the invasion of Iraq was formulated by a SAMS student using MDMP on a hood of a humvee in a few hours. Once everybody knows the drill it works smoothly. I have even showed my wife the MDMP and she grasps it pretty well.

Here is another description of life in Afghanistan from a Wisconsin National Guard member.

This PDF presentation shows some of the new equipment and tools hat we will be getting. Look for pocket terps on page 8, maybe the Army could get one so we can talk to New Yorkers, just joking;)


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