Monday, January 03, 2005

A quiet day

Today was a quiet day of sleeping or trying to get over jet lag, getting a high and tight hair cut, picking up uniforms and hitting the weights. Nothing earth shattering here.

A few of us went to the DFAC for dinner and CNN international was on the TV reporting on the tsunami that hit the coastal region of the Indian Ocean was non-stop. One of the marines was watching said Fajulla after the battle looked pretty good compared devastated coastal areas. Also somebody commented that Osama Bin Laden must be pissed off about the tsunami saying that this bumps his cause off the world media propaganda radar screen and America get a little good press for helping others, while al Queda does nothing to help the victims. Last another person commented that this event showed how insignificant the impact of the human race is on the planet earth. Global warming is nothing compared to Mother Nature when she gets pissed off.

This is too true. Via the Cabarfeidh Pages (Highland Warriors)

Will this make the news in the US:

Top US military commanders in Afghanistan have said that inspite of all the battering received by the hardline Taliban militia at the hands of the US and the coalition forces, the Taliban was far from being a spent force.

I wonder if the military and the present Administration will get credit for the progress that has been made in Afghanistan in the MSM? I doubt it.

I wonder if the carrot and stick method is actually working. I will find out in a little while.


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