Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Silence, push ups, the Navy and quote.

On a recent exercise it was bit different compared to ones in the past, since the army has switched fully to the MS windows environment with the office suite, the military version of IRC, email and voice over internet. So it used to be blaring radios with grease pencils on acetate covered maps, now it is flat panel displays, C2PC (More here) on overhead displays, “chatting” on line while downloading or running a PowerPoint presentation and quietly answering questions into a microphone headset. That why it so quiet in the Tactical Operations Center, instead of the yelling and busting of paper of years gone by. Forwarding email and images are just a silent click away.

One small way the NCOs of the unit are improving the physical fitness of the troops is when you enter the sergeant’s room it is time to drop and knock out 20 push ups. It goes up by 10 push ups each time you enter their room. What is so good about this form of exercise is that the section’s printer is located in their room; by the end of the day I was sore and doing 60 to 80 push up at a clip. Some people started yelling in the room from the hallway to avoid getting in shape.

I think the Navy maybe over burdened during the tsunami relief effort. I hope this is not a preview of what awaits us in Afghanistan.

Quote of the day: I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least I am not a spoon.


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