Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Status of Forces, Commentary, and a Quote

This going around right now and is generating lots of comments. One hand the United States Army Reserve is “degenerating into a broken force“ by LTG Helmly and on the other hand the National Guard is ok. I think it somehwere in between. I have served in both components and seen excellent units that I would serve in combat with and ok units that would need a new chain of command and a few weeks of intensive training to fix. There is sometimes a disconnect between the active and reserve component of the Army, but when rubber hits the road, the mission will be completed. Remember that the US Army is shaped by Congress and you, the tax payer.

This is great commentary every American should read. I hope this is the last spasms of the reactionary forces that are trying to hold back progress.

Quote for the day: He is not burdened with great intellect.


Blogger Mike said...

What's your take on the common theme running through LTG Helmly's memo, that the Reserve needs to quit giving people incentives to 'volunteer' for duty rather than just calling whole units up?

To me, it seems like this is a good idea, because as he says, this makes the Reserves seem like an optional thing rather than a commitment. The use of these incentives would also seem to fan the media outcry over use of the Guard, Reserves, and IRR.

3:02 AM  
Blogger b said...

Sometime active duty and activated reserve personnel officers will cherry pick individuals out units and give financial rewards to make it easier for troops. This breaks up unit integrity and if a unit is stripped, it can not be activated when 20% to 30% of it gone all ready. It takes time and good soldiers to make a unit mission capable. Also if this happens repeatedly units will cease to exist. You can only steal from Peter to pay Paul only so many times.

8:30 PM  

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