Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Uniforms and exercises

Today I met a First Sergeant who was showing off the new Army Combat Uniform. It looks like it was well thought out and I mentioned to him that the ACU looked how my SF friends would modify their BDUs. They would add extra pockets on the sleeve, vecro patches, ect.. now the high speed look is going on army wide.

When I asked him about the uniform you could see the switch in his head flip on and he went in to auto-talk-explain mode. He was pretty good about answering questions and said around October I will get a few more sets of uniforms.

Right now I am participating in an exercise that has a hundreds even thousand participants that hooked up to computers. More here. There are lots of small situations that deal with the full spectrum of war and OOTW (Other Operations Than War-ooh twah in milspeak). These situations are based on past events that the military and especially the army and the everyday soldier has to deal with. What to do when a VBIED-Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device is found. Do you call higher headquarters or EOD first? How do you run a check point?

What do you do when a patrol reports that they see somebody cutting part of the perimeter fence? Are they going to smuggle an IED into the Forward Operating Base (FOB) or some local who is stealing part of the fence to sell on the black market to make some money and feed the kids? Grease the guy with a M-249, use Less Than Lethal (LTL) force or wrestle the guy down and hog tie him with flexi-cuffs?

What do you do when you see a six year old kid waive an AK-47 at the perimeter tower? Light the kid up and piss off the family and local Warlord or shrug your shoulders.

It is more interesting since we have personnel from down range putting us through drills and giving us copies of their procedures.

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