Thursday, January 20, 2005

Views from down range and packing

This news from Afghanistan that you will never see in print or on the tube. Via Blackfive.

Here are two views of the media from troops in Iraq. First is from a soldier, who is a Battalion commander.

Second, whoever said Marines are stupid should read this. It is a good analysis of the forth estate. I thought the press was lazy and did not want to verify its sources, but after reading this well, the press should reconsider what passport they carry.

Today was spent packing equipment in ISU-90s. It was a bit boring, but vital that we did it correctly. Verifying paperwork and packing lists, packing hazardous material, blocking and bracing items so they would not shift in transit was the order of the day. Tomorrow will be inspection time from the transporters; I hope we will not have “frustrated” cargo.


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Blogger Mike said...

The second 'Marine' link currently links to LTC Ryan's article over at Blackfive.

I've always hated packing.

2:00 AM  

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