Saturday, February 26, 2005

1FCK, ISAF and humor

Today I went to a football or soccer game between 1FCK and Wolfsburg. It was an ok game with the score of 0-0. I purchased a scarf with the 1FCK logo on it; a few locals walked up to me after the game and asked me the score of the game. I answered in my oh-so fluent Deutsch with the score. Maybe I fooled a few with my native accent. The game was all right, but it was fun to watch the real rabid fans at the ends of the pitch bang their drums, wave their team flags and scream for the whole game. There were lots of security and polizei around. If you saw the amounts of beer that was flowing at the beer tents before the game outside the stadium and at half time you would have thought there would be a riot, but every body was well behaved, except for the kid who sat behind me and taught me how to curse at the referee.

Here is some good analysis of the expanding role of ISAF in Afghanistan. It is interesting that it does not mention that the conditions that some countries attach to their aid that makes it hard for the Afghani government to implement. Also I am surprised that the Spanish are getting back in to the game. Guess who is running the EU based ISAF? The Turks are known to be aggressive fighters and after the bombing in Istanbul, there will be no love lost between the Turks and al Qeuada. This will be interesting.

SRT humor.


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