Tuesday, February 08, 2005

CNN, classes

Supposedly I am now part of a death squad, targeting CNN reporters, according to CNN. This is pretty sad of them to say that. More here.

Recently we had a few classes on hands and arms signals for air assault and dismounted operations(Page 15-20) and the other class was on individual movement techniques. They were fun and interesting.

Ralph Peters is spot on.


Blogger Marc said...

Check out Ann Coulter in this video. She says "Would that it were so".


Nobody seriously wants that but when you get moonbats like Jordan...

Hopefully he will get fired like Rather. Bloggers are all over him.

Nice tribute Budweiser gave you guys at the super bowl. I was on Okinawa from 1971-75 and when we left we had to wear civies so as not to attract attention. Thanks a lot Kerry.

Stay safe we got your back over here.

10:10 PM  

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