Thursday, February 24, 2005

Coffee, newsletter, images and mistakes

Every morning I have a couple cups of coffee. In the mess hall during breakfast I make an army field expedient latté mocha: a mug of coffee and chocolate milk. When I say I have one or two “cups of coffee” that is an understatement, since I bought a big mug with the lid that automatically seals up at AAFES. The mugs are pretty big. They are great since you can carry a mug of coffee and not spill it while driving in a humvee or flying in a helicopter. One time a troop was asked how he like his coffee and he answered “I like my coffee like my woman: hot, tanned and sweet.”

This is the US military newsletter for the troops in Afghanistan. It is a little different from the New York Times. Check out page nine on the effectiveness of SAPI plates.

These photos will never make in the press. No blood or guts, just soldiers helping the locals. Also these soldiers will be going home soon, because my unit will be replacing them. I hope they have some fun in the sun for me.

Is this how the Air Force deals with mistakes? via Schanenfreude


Blogger Mike said...

Heck yes, that's how the Air Force deals with mistakes. Can you think of a better way? Severe verbal abuse followed by a swift kick to the groin.

Gets results every time.

12:36 AM  

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