Friday, February 25, 2005

Commanders time, artillery, briefings

My Commanding Officer did something pretty cool today. He told us; if you are finished with your work go home. Also he made Monday, commanders time or more commonly known as a day off. For the troops who live in Germany or other countries near by this is great. It is more time off to be with your family. I am kind of jealous, but I don’t fault them, I would be screaming down the autobahn to my family if they lived near by. For us who were mobilized from America we are just hanging around the barracks. Hitting the gym and running a few miles will be on the agenda. I might head into town and go find a museum or walk around the city. Maybe on Monday I will take the train to Mainz to see some old Roman ruins.

Here is a web page of artillery men in Afghanistan. It is professionally done and had great text and images.

We will be starting briefs on the foreign militaries that we will work with. One purpose is familiarizing troops with the uniforms, rank structure, insignia and customs of our allies that are in Afghanistan. Also it will help alleviate the chance of international incidents. I don’t want a troop to mistake a Turk for a Greek. With the expanding ISAF presence in Afghanistan the briefs will be more important for the troops.


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