Saturday, February 05, 2005

Dachau and women.

I was going to head to Dachau later today, but the Die Bahn or the German train system said it would take four to five hours to travel each way, cost 140 Euros for a train ticket, plus the cost of a hotel and bus out to Dachau from Munich, it would be cheaper and easier to just rent a car to drive on the autobahn. I will visit Dachau later this month.

If you look at the website for the National Organization for Women, their last press release that was related to Afghanistan was dated May 2002. If no news is good news, this means the fight for women’s rights is going well by their standards or they would be writing more press releases telling the President that there should more should be done on the behalf of women. Maybe President Bush is looking after the rights women or his policies are helping women directly or indirectly.

Here are two web sites that you can look at to help Afghani women. Women for Afghan Women and Bpeace look pretty good
to me. I googled (is to “google” a verb?) both organizations in the news section and nothing came up, so in the theme of this post, no news is good news, these organization must be all right.

Maybe this (more here) will incite the NOW to ask the president to take direct action against the Iranian Government. A female soldier in the unit saw this and said she would make short work of the men in the image with her M-249 SAW.


Blogger Bon said...

LOL google is probably a verb, yes (at least to computer geeks like me).

I'm with the female soldier, I envy that she actually has a SAW and hope that if she ever has the chance one will be for me. (expletives deleted here)

Even if you didn't get to Dachau at least you are getting out while you have the chance. Safe journeys.


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