Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Dilemma, profile and movies

One of the big dilemmas a soldier has to face is what to bring when traveling down range. There is a packing list that is put out by higher headquarters that has the usual items: sleeping bag, air mattress, tactical (helmet, IBA, load bearing vest….) equipment, toiletries, ect.. but the bottom line is you can bring all you want but the weigh can not exceed 400 pounds. Here is the kicker: the 400 pounds includes the soldiers’ body weight. If the soldier is a big guy that weighs 200 pounds, he will have to pack all the tactical gear, weapon and three days worth of rations, into a ruck sack and duffle bag. That means he might be able to stuff a paperback novel for a personal item into the cargo pocket of his pants. On the other hand one of the smaller and lighter troops said that he would carry extra personal items of others for a small fee or 10 dollars per pound. Capitalism lives in the enlisted ranks.

Here is a psychiatrist who profiled the enemy. The stereotype that is propagated in the media is inaccurate. This is vital reading so we can understand and defeat our enemies.

Hollywood should read this, so I will not be laughing at the movies too much. Most movies with a military theme I find are funny, because of all the inaccuracies with uniforms, hair cuts and the way the military is portrayed.


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