Friday, February 11, 2005

Domain, estimates, tool, PT and quote

My good friend Mary Barrett has beaten the cybersquaters who has taken his God given right for his own domain. (in the dot com realm!) So go check out his web site now!

I do not know accurate these reports are, but I wonder how they come up with these estimates. The next rotation for US forces in Afghanistan.

SPIDERS is one of the new of the new high tech tools that the army is putting to use in Afghanistan.

I will be roadtriping tomorrow. More to come.

Physical fitness training was a good but a pain this morning. We did two “pyramids” of push ups and sit ups. Do a set of ten push ups, then a set of nine…all the way to one. It was just 54 push ups but it was…..then the same with sit ups then top it off with flutter kicks. I am still sore typing this out and getting old.

Quote: that name-tag defilade is overrated


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