Monday, February 21, 2005

Kobenhavn, winning, CH-47 and RIP.

I am back from Kobenhavn, Danmark. More Later.

Guess who says we are winning in Iraq? Senator Hillary Clinton. Ladies are usually right.

Do you want to know how I will get around in Afghanistan? A CH-47 or more commonly known as a Chinook and read this for some insight of the pilots and crews of the Chinooks.

Sh$%hook drivers still have that soldier sense of humor:

They — like all deployed soldiers — feel overworked and under-loved. Soldiers and supplies come on; soldiers and supplies go off. Crews fly around the clock.
For many, this is their second Afghan rotation, which will probably be extended.
“‘Go first. Stay longer. Come back last.’ That’s this company in a nutshell,” Gustin said.
Crew dogs fly every day. “I fly 30 days a month,” Hammond said. “We need more crew dogs,” MacCauley says, for once totally serious. “That’s all there is to it.”
Helicopters leak. Helicopters break. The crews’ motto is “if it ain’t leakin’, it ain’t flyin’.”
“They’re 50 years old,” Brunet said of the Chinooks, shrugging. “Of course they break.”

HST. RIP. A great American writer. Read Hells Angels. It will be a classic.


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