Monday, February 14, 2005

SERE and tourist

We just finished Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training. During the prisoner section we went over the code of conduct. It was all right, for me it was a good review, but when dealing with be a prisoner, a few guys said that will not happen to them. In past wars we have fought countries that treated us some-what to the Geneva Conventions and others that inflicted serious amounts of pain, but you did have a chance to make it home alive. Now we are facing an enemy that shows no quarter. One troop said it was better to go out as a warrior, than be doped up on special K, beg for your life on Al-Jarzeera and have your head hacked off on video that will be downloaded onto the internet.

What is amazing since the fall of Saddam in Iraq and the start of OEF in Afghanistan there is only officially one prisoner/MIA. If you think back to other wars America has fought, there were many prisoners or missing in action. Considering how many soldiers, sailors, marines and air force personnel, who have rotated through theater, it is mind boggling that the US has only one POW/MIA. This is a tribute to all ranks, especially the lower ranks that make sure that we leave nobody behind.

Robert over at the Expat Yank has a link to some tourist who just arrived in England to do “charity work.” Here is the tourist guide book written by our kind friends at al Queada or the new Minutemen.


Blogger Mike said...

That's exactly how I feel. Better to go out fighting than be captured by these animals; if you happen to be captured, better to go out standing tall than being slaughtered like a pig. The Italian carabrineri that was captured stood up and charged his attackers, rather than dig his own grave and let them behead him, shouting "This is how an Italian dies!"

Needless to say, that video didn't make al-Jazeera.

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