Friday, February 18, 2005

Soul food, traveling and the new Governor

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Back on the 6th of January I wrote about soul food Thursday. Here is an image of some ribs, corn, greens, yams, rice, salad, pecan pie and milk from this weeks serving. The tray was empty of food when I was done. The food here is pretty good.

I will be heading to Copenhagen, Denmark this weekend to meet some of my wife’s family. We are on the downward slope to the ready ramp, soon I will be marching on to the big iron bird that will take me down range. Many troops who live locally or in Europe are going to see their family this weekend. I am just playing tourist.

This should drive al Qaeda crazy. The President Karzai just appointed the first female governor. Would this have happened if the US just threw some cruise missiles instead of invading after 9/11? Now the US Army is now helping Afghanistan join the 21st century.


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