Sunday, February 27, 2005

Weather, Falluja and Norway

It is cold, snowing, raining and windy, so I will be in the gym in a few minutes then do an early dinner at DFAC. After that I will try to get a head of some paper work. If it warms up tomorrow I will journey to Mainz to see some Roman ruins.

Do you want to see how the soldiers of the US Army really took Falluja down? MTV or BET could not put together this video. This is what we call the ground truth. Not the BS on the TV. This is the real deal. Be warned it is big, so I hope you have a high speed internet access. This is where you can get it. The sound track is on some soldier's ipods in this unit.

It looks like the Norwegians like us, so much they want to join our party! More the merrier. This is interesting that Norway, a European country, is not putting these forces into ISAF, but under US command. This shows that Norway is sending the right troops for the mission. Their mission is not the win the hearts and minds, but more of the put-a-bullet-in-the-head-of-the-target or officially know as direct action. (more here)


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