Thursday, March 31, 2005

Feels like the wild, wild west and shitters.

Check out Nothing to see here, move along . . .at (Blogger is not loading properly) about life here in Afghanistan. He was here and writes great and in-depth essays. Sometimes I am too busy to write. This is great advice: I would make permalinks but is not loading properly. They should make a text only dashboard for those who dream of broadband internet access.

One of the first impressions that struck me when I when I arrived here that I was transported back in time with the majority of the inhabitants of Kandahar Air Field (KAF) wear Desert Camoflaugue Uniform (DCU) of the US Army or Colitilation forces, with the exception of civilians or Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who are employed by the Colilation or Afghan or Local Nationals (LNs) who are also employed as interpreters, liaison officials or labors who are involved with the construction of KAF.

All the roads on KAF are dirt roads that are dusty when dry, but turn to mud soup when it rains. It did not rain much in Afghanistan, maybe two to three inches a year, but this year there has been record amount of rain and the locals attribute this to Allah being pleased with the American and Afghans working well together while the seven year drought was blamed on the Taliban.

One factor that gives KAF that Wild, Wild West ambiance is that almost everybody is armed. All soldiers carry a pistol, rifle or squad automatic weapon (SAW). A soldier asked me to hold his SAW while digging through his pockets to find enough change to pay for his cappuccino. This place would be a gun control advocate nightmare, but I feel safe around here. There is no real crime here. No muggings, assaults, robberies or other serious crimes. Everybody is friendly, respectful and courteous. Is it because military personnel, TCNs and HNs are more virtuous and vetted or with everybody packing heats, that keeps the hooligans in line? I go will with the first assumption.

Along with the dirt roads, there are no curbs, or a few street lights. There a few street signs with the names of American army division that have been to KAF and a couple of stop signs. Most of the soldiers and civilians sleep in force provider tents that are equipped with heaters and air conditioning. There is more modern housing that is made out of metal that is on concrete pads in the plans.

Looking for porcelain shitters is a big thing for new comers. There a not many buildings with indoor plumbing so there are many porta-potties all over the place. Next to the tents there shipping containers that are converted to showers with toilets. Then there a few big shipping containers that have real toilets that flush. So a cherry will make a mental map that marks the grid of the containers with the real toilets. When one is moving around KAF, one will always be mindful of there location of the toilets and their personal needs, so there will be no discomfort or accidents.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hello from KAF

Sorry for not posting anything for the past few weeks. I have been traveling for a few days. I was at Ganci AB,in Manas, Kyrgyzstan while travleing to Afghanistan. Time has blurred by as I sat at the the Departure Processing Center in K-town then over to Rhein Main AFB (news) and waited for a flight out. While waiting, the USO provide coffee, snacks and had a few big screen movies playing. Thanks to the USO! Then I hopped on a MD-111 owned by World Airways. It was a good flight and everybody had a nice seat to stretch out on instead of being crammed on a C-17. World Airways provided good food and non-stop videos, but most of us slept. Before landing we flew over the Ural Mountains and they are spectacular. At night there was a city that was lit up like a spider web floating in a black void with electric yellow string that must have been street lights. It was pretty. Cargo had priority over passengers, so we were waiting a day for a flight to A-stan.

I just went through the RIP/TOA phase of the deployment and it was dicked up. My predecessor was supposed to show me how he did his job for two week. Well I met him for 60 seconds while he was heading to the flight line to hop on his flight to America. Now I am probing the hard drive of his computer, driving around with a map and GPS, doing the grip and grin and briefings.

If the post sounds grammatically wrong, I am just doing 12 hours days with PT or going out of the wire. Fun shit. Don’t be a nit picker.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Salutations, St. Pats, Demobilize, MVACIS, links

Auf Wiedersehen Kaiserslautern. Salam, Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Yesterday I went out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a pint at the local Irish cultural center: Thirsty Nellies. What started with one pint ended up with five to six pints and equal amounts of Irish whiskey. Oh well, thank God that we could sleep in and just drag our rucks and duffle bags to the barracks this morning.

Now we are watching DVDs waiting to catch our flight out.

It looks like most of the fighters in Afghanistan are hanging their weapons up and going to live peaceful lives. This will make it easier to find al Queada and the Taliban, since the only heavy weapons with be in the Afghan National Army.

Here is another piece of equipment that I might use: MVACIS.

If you link you me, I feel out of common courtesy to link back, so here is somebody new: The Primary Main Objective...

Here are more links that are related to Afghanistan.

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I will move these links to the left in a week or two.
Thanks Mike and Tink for the help!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Test Drive, RoE, reading, guns and show

Blogger must have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early because I could not log in. Oh well.

I took a test drive of a Smart fourtwo car yesterday and it was a pretty good car to go around the city in. I took it on the A-6 autobahn and it fell ok up to 100kph, but at 120kph, it felt a little unstable. I like the six speed automatic transmission with the flippers next to the steering wheel like formula one race cars. It had air conditioning, AF-FM-CD sound system and it could hold a few cold cases of beer in the rear hatch. This car would sell like hot cakes in California or Florida. With gas prices rising, it has 800 cc diesel engine that sips fuel.

I would post photos of the car BUT, I went to the PX to get a USB cable to hook up my Panasonic Lumix digital camera and the cable I purchases does not fit. It seems that the camera needs a custom proprietary cable that you can only buy from Panasonic. That sucks big time!

If you rent a car, avoid Budget. They say I owe them USD 630.26 for a scratch that I am not responsible on a car that I rented from them back in September last year and now they are getting around to billing me? No way Jose.

Right now everybody is waiting for the call forward so we can get on the purple ramp. Lots of soldiers are repacking their rucks and duffle bag, since it is now 70 degrees in Afghanistan. Also we got to carry a few extra Meal Ready to Eat (MREs), two cans of Permethrin to bug proof our uniforms, four dip kits of Permethrin, also for our uniforms, two bottles of sunscreen and two more tubes of bug juice.

One class we had today was on Rules of Engagement (ROE). A card was given that outlines the ROE. Key words were given: Necessary and Proportional
We went over the Four “S’s”:
Shout- Vernal warnings in Dari,Farsi,Urdu and Arabic
Show- your weapon
Shove- use non lethal force
Shoot-to kill (on scene commander may authorize)
Civilians are not targets. One soldier asked how can you tell the difference between al Qaeda and a civilian? Look for a weapon and body language. Most civilians get out of Dodge when the bullets fly.

Then it told how treat Persons under Control (PUC), convoy operations and scenarios. They were just common sense and we will go over them in route to Afghanistan. The scenarios had situations and response for the most commonly encountered issues that troops in the past have encounter.

This is one list of best writing of a blog and the essential library to go with it. It will take many hours to fully digest these two lists, but it will help you understand what is going on in the world. You might not agree with it, but at least you will be more aware of what is going on in the back ground.

Here is a blog dedicated to the M-16 family and what may come after it. It is serious gun talk like this.

The show has finally started. The big man is in country and I will be there with him soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today, long haul, SPIDERS, THANKS and UN duty.

Today was pretty good. First the sun came out for a few hours. It was the first time in a few weeks since I seen it and the wind was not blowing so walking around was pleasant. Second, our Commander was promoted to full bird Colonel. He is a great guy, who gives us a mission and then lets us execute. No micro-managing on his side of the fence. Then he tells the unit that he buying around at the local pizza/beer haus. So we are all having a good time playing pool, loading the jukebox full of Euros for American hip hop and rock and roll, while pizza is being consumed in massive qualities. Then he asks “what time is first formation?” We all tell him zero eight and he asks another question “what are we doing that is so important?” A few soldiers shrug their shoulders others said waiting for the call forward so we can go to the airfield; then he said “first formation at 10:00. Now exercise the alert roster and see if it works.” There will be a few people who wished they left their cell phones on tonight.

I have written that we will be in Afghanistan for the long haul in the past. Well here is the proof- the US is building permanent housing for the military at Bagram Airfield. When we were in Bosnia and Kosovo at the quarters were in Force Provider (more details here.) tents on non-permanent conexes, but when you pour cement for building foundations-we will be in Afghanistan for a long time. I bet a tour of duty in Afghanistan will be an austere version of the 1960’s tour in South Korea. Hell, there is a Burger King, an Italian pizzeria, two coffee shops and a Thai restaurant are there right now with a Popeyes, Dairy Queen and Orange Julius are scheduled to open in the next few months. Is this the influence of the Air Force?

SPIDERS is one of the new of the new high tech tools that the army is putting to use in Afghanistan.

I like to hello to all the new visitors and thanks to the Mudville Gazette for highlighting this blog! Have a fine Army day!

I think Schadenfrude has figured out why so many soldiers are praying for the US to be involved in an UN lead force to verify the Syrian pullout.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Tonight, environment, rugs, comments and class

Tonight we are having dinner/party for the troops and their families. It is one way for soldiers who live locally to say good bye to their family. I did this on New Years day, so I will just kick back, be polite, and do the grip and grin. Almost the entire unit wants to leave today and get the show on the road. Waiting around for the flight out of here and being bored is a morale killer. Tomorrow I get to see the doctor and he or she will examine where I received the smallpox vaccination shot. Then it is a team brief on updates from Afghanistan and hit the gym.

Last night I talked to my wife and two daughters on my cell or mobile phone as the British would call it. I was in a class room that had a VCR tape player and I just watched a tape with my two daughters playing with their toys, reading a book, crawling on the kitchen floor, going to dance class and other activities that a three year old and 10 month old would do while I talking to them on my phone. It was kind of surrealistic.

Today the sun came out and I walked around. It was nice outside not to windy and the temperature was about the mid 40s. It is time to go out and run.

Now I can save the environment and the world all at same time by driving this. I wonder how it would hold up when it is up-armored.

I might buy one of these war rugs for my hooch.

Read about our A-hole Swedish friend's comments about soldiers helping out. I just crossed Sweden off my list of countires to visit. Don’t spend you hard earned dollars as a tourist there.

This is one more reason that the Red Sox is the classiest team in baseball.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Classes, posts, coverage, writing, Finns, golf and quote

I just received my transcripts from my undergraduate days, since on my spare time I might teach a class or two to soldiers. I did not graduate with honors, more like with a diploma, but I could teach the basics of mathematics or other humanities and sciences. I tell the troops they need to be enrolled in a correspondence course or be teaching so they will keep busy. Idle minds are the play ground of the devil as old saying goes and I believe it. I don’t want any disciplinary problems, therefore teaching or taking a class is a good way to keep busy and not get depressed over missing your family. Also I tell the enlisted taking a class is a great way of finding out what interest you and may make you a more well-rounded person or put more money on the table when you become a civilian. Last, classes can be converted into promotion points.

If you don’t see any post for a few days continuously, don’t worry I am in transit to the Afghan theater of operations. I will be learning how to sleep on hanger floors.

Here is the Stars and Stripes coverage of the unit’s casing ceremony.

Great writing from Iraq from a soldier.

Guess who is next to send more troops to Afghanistan? The Finns! Maybe they will construct a sauna and bring some Lapin Kulta.

Does this mean that Afghanistan is on the road to being a modern country? The Kabul Golf Club just opened for the second season. Will Tiger Woods be playing there soon?

Quote: His decision is firm as jello.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Blogging, help, miss a call, Dutch and minger

Most of the time I try to write in the style of HS Thompson or Henry Rollins or as in parochial school it was described with distain as the extemporaneous or “stream of consciousness” writing mode. One advantage or disadvantage (depends on your values) that I have, is that I am a wimp when it comes to my consumption level of alcohol and the lack of mind altering chemical-hey I am in the Army and I get piss tested.

Most of the time I type ideas on to a MS word document that I store my USB stick and on my computer as a back up. Sometimes I access the internet at libraries or on unused computers, then I plug in my USB stick, pull up my “to blog” file and I am in business. Most computers today have MS word on it so MS word underlines misspelled words and some or the most grievous grammatical errors, this helps to make this blog a bit more readable. Then it time to access the internet, access, log in and post.

I just received from my wife the book, The elements of style and the library on post gave away copies of the Oxford Essential Guide to Writing . I will start reading them as soon I finish Harry Turtledove’s Return Engagement (Settling Accounts Trilogy, Book 1). This should help the quality of the posts and make this blog easier to read.

I am trying to find blogs from Afghanistan and troops who serve there, but they are hard to find. If you know any, please post their URL to the comments section. Thanks!

Sometimes it is good to miss a call on your mobile or cell phone

Guess who is next with more troops? The Dutch. These troops will join the British SAS, Norweigan Commandos, French and US SF. I think this is the result of these troops.

This is totally unrelated to anything on this blog except that it is funny in a warped and Irish way. At least you will be able to curse and use the word “minger” properly. It is not for children.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Casing ceremony, friends, Bulgarians, Clint and quote

Our unit participated in a casing ceremony (similar ceremony). Basically our commander rolled up the unit guidon and put its cover on. The guidon will be unfurled when we arrive in Afghanistan soon. It was a good and moving ceremony, since some troop’s family showed up to say good bye. At the end we said the soldiers creed and sang the Army song. Note the Army song was originally the Field Artillery or Caisson Song.

Also today on of the lieutenants was promoted to the rank of captain. It was good that he was promoted, because he is a squared away trooper who rose through the ranks from private. Also he paid for everybody’s meal at dinner. I was just expecting a free beer, but hey I will take some jager schnitzel.

Now it time to live out of a duffle bag, ruck sack and wait to catch a flight on one of the Army Airlines, I mean US Army Air Corps US Air Force Air Mobility Command’s high speed transports.

Here are some videos on our kind, friendly, ever so merciful pals: al Qaeda. Watch and see what they are up to. Do you think we are going have to grease a few more of them?

Now the Bulgarians want to send more troops the party. This is almost too much to understand.

This should be good, since Clint is running the show.

Quote: We are not doing rocket science, we are just walking the dog.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

SRP, bs'ing, example

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had an ass kicking headache last night that I think was the result of all the shots I received during the day.

I went through a SRP or walked through the gymnasium that had tables of people who looked at my service files or a big folder with my medical and personnel records. I just worked my way down the row of tables that subject matter experts that were sitting at. After I filled out all the paperwork and I did what they required, they checked off the “go” box, on a sheet that had to be completed on the top of my records, dated it and put their initials next to the box that they just checked.

At the medical stations, I received more inoculations for HEP B and smallpox. I had to anwser two pages of questions and medical history, then sit in line to be interviewed by a doctor. Two of the questions were: “Did you ever have a rash or eczema?” and “Is any body who you live with is pregnant or have an auto immune disorder?” No and no. Then I took off my DCU jacket, sat in line waiting for 15 jabs of smallpox inoculations.

It took me thirty minutes to have my pay records reviewed. I sat down with the Judge Advocate, reviewed my will and power of attorney. The JAG said I was brave to give my wife unlimited power of attorney, he said that some soldiers were burned by spouses in the past. I told him I trust my wife and it was the right thing to do. He just shook his head while stamping off my paper work and then said “next.”

I read the letters off the eighth line of an eye chart to prove that I am not blind and told the Specialist that I do not wear any glasses. I was told that I am good to go at that station.

The medical records review was a bit of a cluster f---. I was told that I had to get another hearing test, even though it was annotated in my records that I had one last November, but the test results were not in my packet. So I walked over to the clinic and waited in line to take two tests because the computer that ran the hearing test was on the fritz.

I had another HIV test. That is one test I will happily fail.

I had a brief on the malaria medicine that I will have to take. The doctor had a military sense of humor and said the medicine that we are receiving was picked on the factors of cost, ease of use and lack of side effect in that order. Rumor said that we would have “intense” dreams and the behavior of a few troops might act a little “different.” I picked up six month supply and the army will mail me another six month while I am down range. Yeah right, I will wait and see.

After four hours of doing the hurry up and wait, I took my medical and personnel folders to a table with a Department of Army civilian sitting at it. He just looked at the sheet with all the checks, stamps, dates and initials. Then he went through each folder, sometimes rearranging papers to put them in the correct sequence. After that he stamped my sheet with a big “GO” at the bottom, handed my folder to me, pointed and said “give your folders to your personnel section over there. You are good to go for deployment. Be safe and have fun.”

More press headlines:
From the Kansas City Star: Afghan poppies a menace: Afghanistan is unable to contain opium poppy production and is on the verge of becoming a narcotics state, a presidential report said Friday……


The Pak Tribune: Afghanistan officials report major decline of poppy crop
Drugs, weapons seized in Afghanistan

Who is bs’ing? Or is this the press taking liberty with the truth? You decide.

Not all in the military are dummies contrary to the stereotypes in the press. Here is example from the Marines.

Go west but stop before you go into Iran.

Quote: No good deed goes unpunished.

Monday, March 07, 2005

R&R, Italy, events, good news and quote

I had a relaxing weekend at a fellow soldier’s house. He and his wife were gracious hosts and showed me around Wiesbaden. Also we played in a poker match, ate some good German food at a brauhaust, walked around the local wine country and relaxed. It was nice to take it easy.

Also I drove the BMW 5 series on the autobahn. It felt good to cruise at 160 Kph or 100mph. The one knob that controlled the navigation, stereo, and other electronic functions did not work for me, it felt like a bad computer mouse. My friend’s wife, who speaks fluent German, could not figure out how to change the language to English on the car computer. That is bad, because she works in the auto industry. It was a nice car, but it cost 54k in the US. Would I spend that much money on that car, I highly doubt it.

Will the Italians still keep their promise since it looks like their secret service screwed up? I bet the press will have a field day.

Do you want to know happened in Afghanistan in a chronological order with short descriptions? Here it is.

Also more good news from Afghanistan. This will never make the newspapers or CNN.

Quote: It is not the lack of intelligence, it is the abundance of stupidity.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rental car, GQ, Stykers, base, MP and quote

I will be gone for a day or two, so blogging will be light. I was going to rent a Smart fourtwo car, or as soldiers refer to them as the mobile door stop, but Avis ran out, so I broke down and rented a BMW 530. The agony is overwhelming. One of the interesting safety stickers in the car is that the max speed on the autobahn during winter is 210 kph or 130 mph. The speed odometer is maxed out at 260 kph or 160 mph. Ok I can deal with that.

Two interesting thoughts came to mind when I was reading this and looking the image of chief of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards Yahya Rahim Safavi. First they must be nervous when making these claims. I think that the claims are for internal consumption and a self confidence building pep rally speech. Also there is an old military axiom: he who with the uglier looking uniform will win. Compared to US military forces, this guy is totally GQ.

This looks like a marriage made in heaven, A Ranger battalion and some Stykers. Now we will have some good light infantry with the speed and mobility of a battle proven platform in Afghanistan. More here. This is the rational for this change.

This essay puts what is going on in the world in an easy to read format. It might be a little base for some, but it is blunt and puts its points out in a logical fashion.

Here is a blog by a MP who is new to Iraq. He will have his hands full. God speed.

Quote: Let’s do some backward planning forward.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Music, commandos, news, DD and quote

This has been going around the unit lately. It seems the Germans are rubbing off on American troops with more than their beers. It is interesting that you can not go by the stereotypes of soldiers and presume that they listen to a certain type of music. Supertramp’s Breakfast in America is popular with many troops. It cuts across many racial and cultural boundaries, surprisingly. I even heard a rap version of one of their tunes. Some of the contemporary urban listeners like the Deftones. One of the Latin troops plays Beethoven on Deutsche Welle Radio during work hours. He says it is relaxing. Even contemporary Christian music, in all its forms, is listened to in this unit. The unit’s musical tastes are surprising and diverse like its members.

If you think military operations are just an EU (ISAF) and American effort, guess again:

March 4, 2005: Without much publicity at all, several Gulf States (Oman, Emirates, Bahrain, etc.) have sent some of their SOF (Special Operations Forces; commandoes) to Afghanistan to work with coalition forces. For several years, between 100-200 of these troops have been on duty there, quietly rotating contingents in and out. Al Qaeda and the Taliban know about it, as does the Afghan government. The Islamic radicals have not publicized this involvement, perhaps feeling that it would hurt them more, to publicize that Arab soldiers are fighting them, than to make a fuss about Arab soldiers fighting alongside infidels (non-Moslems.) Many of these Arab operators were trained by American and British commandoes and are considered very good. In their home countries, they are used to hunt down local terrorists, which is one reason you don’t find many Islamic terrorists in the Gulf States. The Arab commandoes know how to work the tribal and family angles to get information without violence. American Special Forces specialize in teaching this approach, which is considered a traditional method of dealing with violent radicals in Arab countries. The Arab commandoes are probably also used to interrogate Arab Islamic radicals captured in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Every month, a few more of these guys are picked up, and someone from their home country could get something out of them more quickly.

This one more reason Afghanistan is moving into the 21st century instead falling back into the 14th century via that horrible quagmire that was not sanctioned by the UN.
From Strategy page.

Afghan Daily is a pretty good new site with articles in Englsh for those who don't read dari.

This is one part of America that I miss. I hope DD does not go yuppie, I like the blue collar aspect of it. A large regular and Boston crème to go-oh man I miss part of America.

Quote: Is this sufficiently vague for you?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Familiarization, long hall, JAG, views and quote

This morning we had a few classes to familiarize the soldiers of the collation armies that are in Afghanistan. We literally had the fifteen minute overview starting with a description of flag of the each country. You might laugh, but do you know the difference between flags of the FYROM, Slovenia, Croatia, or Slovakia? All those countries are in Afghanistan.

Then it was photos of uniforms, description of small arms, rank structure, vehicles and capabilities of each military force. Thank goodness for Google! Many troops have worked with these countries in past during deployments with KFOR, SFOR and other exercises for the Partnership for Peace Program. The Turks and Greeks have good reputations. A few war stories came out and comparison about each others equipment was heard. Do you know that Porsche designed the Wiesle?

It looks like we will be in Afghanistan for the long hall. Senator McCain is in Afghanistan getting the ground truth. Even the Turks see this.

Here is the JAG in Iraq.

Here is the Army’s view of events in Afghanistan.

Quote: Indecision is the key to flexibility.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cleaning, news, draft and Czechs

I used to joke when I was going through basic training that if I got kicked out of the Army, could be a janitor, since I moped and waxed floors; and also shined the pipes of the toilet in the latrine. Now most of the unit is cleaning out their desks, lockers and rooms since we will be leaving soon. I am packing my ruck sack and duffle bag to ensure that everything will fit in. If not I have one last chance to fill part of a foot locker that will go in an ISU-90. Right now it looks like I will put a box filled a few books that I plan to read while I am down range and a small piece of carpet, so when I crawl out of my sleeping bag and off my cot I will not have to step on cold cement, dirt or plywood.

These are the latest reports on Afghanistan in short doses.

This article makes a compelling argument for a modified draft. Give it a read, who ever is the next president, will be looking at one of the options. The Army at its present size can only do so much and cover a limited amount of ground. It looks like the Air Force and Navy will be downsizing.

First it was the Norwegians, next was the Canadians. Now it is the Czechs. I wonder if they will bring their beer tents. They are not covered with general order number one, lucky dogs.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

DVDs, classes, internet, Canada and quote

I just received a portable DVD player from my brother! Yeah! Also he sent the parts four, five and six of the Star Wars series. The other DVD he sent was Led Zeppelin’s the Song Remains the Same. It is a good concert video from a time when musicianship and talent weighed more than the Hollywood productions of today with lip synching marionettes. Lip synching Robert Plant, that is an oxymoron. More here. I think I might set up an account with Amazon to purchase some CDs or DVDs that are not stocked at the PX. Any suggestions?

Today we had classes on the JSIVA and how to make a barrier with triple concertina wire. Soon I will be walking the wire and making sure it is up to standard.

Here is the GWOT on the internet front from one side. I wonder what the NSA thinks of this.

I have a few cheat sheets with phrases in Pahut and Dari, is there one for Canadian English, eh? Now the Canada is going to send more troops. I wonder if they will be shooters, as in the past or PRTs.

Quote for the day: this coffee taste like ass.