Friday, March 11, 2005

Casing ceremony, friends, Bulgarians, Clint and quote

Our unit participated in a casing ceremony (similar ceremony). Basically our commander rolled up the unit guidon and put its cover on. The guidon will be unfurled when we arrive in Afghanistan soon. It was a good and moving ceremony, since some troop’s family showed up to say good bye. At the end we said the soldiers creed and sang the Army song. Note the Army song was originally the Field Artillery or Caisson Song.

Also today on of the lieutenants was promoted to the rank of captain. It was good that he was promoted, because he is a squared away trooper who rose through the ranks from private. Also he paid for everybody’s meal at dinner. I was just expecting a free beer, but hey I will take some jager schnitzel.

Now it time to live out of a duffle bag, ruck sack and wait to catch a flight on one of the Army Airlines, I mean US Army Air Corps US Air Force Air Mobility Command’s high speed transports.

Here are some videos on our kind, friendly, ever so merciful pals: al Qaeda. Watch and see what they are up to. Do you think we are going have to grease a few more of them?

Now the Bulgarians want to send more troops the party. This is almost too much to understand.

This should be good, since Clint is running the show.

Quote: We are not doing rocket science, we are just walking the dog.


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Keep your powder dry, and I do enjoy your postings. God bless

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