Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cleaning, news, draft and Czechs

I used to joke when I was going through basic training that if I got kicked out of the Army, could be a janitor, since I moped and waxed floors; and also shined the pipes of the toilet in the latrine. Now most of the unit is cleaning out their desks, lockers and rooms since we will be leaving soon. I am packing my ruck sack and duffle bag to ensure that everything will fit in. If not I have one last chance to fill part of a foot locker that will go in an ISU-90. Right now it looks like I will put a box filled a few books that I plan to read while I am down range and a small piece of carpet, so when I crawl out of my sleeping bag and off my cot I will not have to step on cold cement, dirt or plywood.

These are the latest reports on Afghanistan in short doses.

This article makes a compelling argument for a modified draft. Give it a read, who ever is the next president, will be looking at one of the options. The Army at its present size can only do so much and cover a limited amount of ground. It looks like the Air Force and Navy will be downsizing.

First it was the Norwegians, next was the Canadians. Now it is the Czechs. I wonder if they will bring their beer tents. They are not covered with general order number one, lucky dogs.


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