Thursday, March 03, 2005

Familiarization, long hall, JAG, views and quote

This morning we had a few classes to familiarize the soldiers of the collation armies that are in Afghanistan. We literally had the fifteen minute overview starting with a description of flag of the each country. You might laugh, but do you know the difference between flags of the FYROM, Slovenia, Croatia, or Slovakia? All those countries are in Afghanistan.

Then it was photos of uniforms, description of small arms, rank structure, vehicles and capabilities of each military force. Thank goodness for Google! Many troops have worked with these countries in past during deployments with KFOR, SFOR and other exercises for the Partnership for Peace Program. The Turks and Greeks have good reputations. A few war stories came out and comparison about each others equipment was heard. Do you know that Porsche designed the Wiesle?

It looks like we will be in Afghanistan for the long hall. Senator McCain is in Afghanistan getting the ground truth. Even the Turks see this.

Here is the JAG in Iraq.

Here is the Army’s view of events in Afghanistan.

Quote: Indecision is the key to flexibility.


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