Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rental car, GQ, Stykers, base, MP and quote

I will be gone for a day or two, so blogging will be light. I was going to rent a Smart fourtwo car, or as soldiers refer to them as the mobile door stop, but Avis ran out, so I broke down and rented a BMW 530. The agony is overwhelming. One of the interesting safety stickers in the car is that the max speed on the autobahn during winter is 210 kph or 130 mph. The speed odometer is maxed out at 260 kph or 160 mph. Ok I can deal with that.

Two interesting thoughts came to mind when I was reading this and looking the image of chief of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards Yahya Rahim Safavi. First they must be nervous when making these claims. I think that the claims are for internal consumption and a self confidence building pep rally speech. Also there is an old military axiom: he who with the uglier looking uniform will win. Compared to US military forces, this guy is totally GQ.

This looks like a marriage made in heaven, A Ranger battalion and some Stykers. Now we will have some good light infantry with the speed and mobility of a battle proven platform in Afghanistan. More here. This is the rational for this change.

This essay puts what is going on in the world in an easy to read format. It might be a little base for some, but it is blunt and puts its points out in a logical fashion.

Here is a blog by a MP who is new to Iraq. He will have his hands full. God speed.

Quote: Let’s do some backward planning forward.


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