Monday, March 07, 2005

R&R, Italy, events, good news and quote

I had a relaxing weekend at a fellow soldier’s house. He and his wife were gracious hosts and showed me around Wiesbaden. Also we played in a poker match, ate some good German food at a brauhaust, walked around the local wine country and relaxed. It was nice to take it easy.

Also I drove the BMW 5 series on the autobahn. It felt good to cruise at 160 Kph or 100mph. The one knob that controlled the navigation, stereo, and other electronic functions did not work for me, it felt like a bad computer mouse. My friend’s wife, who speaks fluent German, could not figure out how to change the language to English on the car computer. That is bad, because she works in the auto industry. It was a nice car, but it cost 54k in the US. Would I spend that much money on that car, I highly doubt it.

Will the Italians still keep their promise since it looks like their secret service screwed up? I bet the press will have a field day.

Do you want to know happened in Afghanistan in a chronological order with short descriptions? Here it is.

Also more good news from Afghanistan. This will never make the newspapers or CNN.

Quote: It is not the lack of intelligence, it is the abundance of stupidity.


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