Wednesday, March 09, 2005

SRP, bs'ing, example

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had an ass kicking headache last night that I think was the result of all the shots I received during the day.

I went through a SRP or walked through the gymnasium that had tables of people who looked at my service files or a big folder with my medical and personnel records. I just worked my way down the row of tables that subject matter experts that were sitting at. After I filled out all the paperwork and I did what they required, they checked off the “go” box, on a sheet that had to be completed on the top of my records, dated it and put their initials next to the box that they just checked.

At the medical stations, I received more inoculations for HEP B and smallpox. I had to anwser two pages of questions and medical history, then sit in line to be interviewed by a doctor. Two of the questions were: “Did you ever have a rash or eczema?” and “Is any body who you live with is pregnant or have an auto immune disorder?” No and no. Then I took off my DCU jacket, sat in line waiting for 15 jabs of smallpox inoculations.

It took me thirty minutes to have my pay records reviewed. I sat down with the Judge Advocate, reviewed my will and power of attorney. The JAG said I was brave to give my wife unlimited power of attorney, he said that some soldiers were burned by spouses in the past. I told him I trust my wife and it was the right thing to do. He just shook his head while stamping off my paper work and then said “next.”

I read the letters off the eighth line of an eye chart to prove that I am not blind and told the Specialist that I do not wear any glasses. I was told that I am good to go at that station.

The medical records review was a bit of a cluster f---. I was told that I had to get another hearing test, even though it was annotated in my records that I had one last November, but the test results were not in my packet. So I walked over to the clinic and waited in line to take two tests because the computer that ran the hearing test was on the fritz.

I had another HIV test. That is one test I will happily fail.

I had a brief on the malaria medicine that I will have to take. The doctor had a military sense of humor and said the medicine that we are receiving was picked on the factors of cost, ease of use and lack of side effect in that order. Rumor said that we would have “intense” dreams and the behavior of a few troops might act a little “different.” I picked up six month supply and the army will mail me another six month while I am down range. Yeah right, I will wait and see.

After four hours of doing the hurry up and wait, I took my medical and personnel folders to a table with a Department of Army civilian sitting at it. He just looked at the sheet with all the checks, stamps, dates and initials. Then he went through each folder, sometimes rearranging papers to put them in the correct sequence. After that he stamped my sheet with a big “GO” at the bottom, handed my folder to me, pointed and said “give your folders to your personnel section over there. You are good to go for deployment. Be safe and have fun.”

More press headlines:
From the Kansas City Star: Afghan poppies a menace: Afghanistan is unable to contain opium poppy production and is on the verge of becoming a narcotics state, a presidential report said Friday……


The Pak Tribune: Afghanistan officials report major decline of poppy crop
Drugs, weapons seized in Afghanistan

Who is bs’ing? Or is this the press taking liberty with the truth? You decide.

Not all in the military are dummies contrary to the stereotypes in the press. Here is example from the Marines.

Go west but stop before you go into Iran.

Quote: No good deed goes unpunished.


Blogger Chevy Rose said...

Ouch! So many needles! Did you get a Sponge Bob bandaid at least?
Stay safe, love reading your daily routines. And a big Thank You to your courgeous family also. I'm in awe of the wives and mothers. It speaks volumns of the men they married.

3:07 PM  

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