Thursday, March 17, 2005

Test Drive, RoE, reading, guns and show

Blogger must have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early because I could not log in. Oh well.

I took a test drive of a Smart fourtwo car yesterday and it was a pretty good car to go around the city in. I took it on the A-6 autobahn and it fell ok up to 100kph, but at 120kph, it felt a little unstable. I like the six speed automatic transmission with the flippers next to the steering wheel like formula one race cars. It had air conditioning, AF-FM-CD sound system and it could hold a few cold cases of beer in the rear hatch. This car would sell like hot cakes in California or Florida. With gas prices rising, it has 800 cc diesel engine that sips fuel.

I would post photos of the car BUT, I went to the PX to get a USB cable to hook up my Panasonic Lumix digital camera and the cable I purchases does not fit. It seems that the camera needs a custom proprietary cable that you can only buy from Panasonic. That sucks big time!

If you rent a car, avoid Budget. They say I owe them USD 630.26 for a scratch that I am not responsible on a car that I rented from them back in September last year and now they are getting around to billing me? No way Jose.

Right now everybody is waiting for the call forward so we can get on the purple ramp. Lots of soldiers are repacking their rucks and duffle bag, since it is now 70 degrees in Afghanistan. Also we got to carry a few extra Meal Ready to Eat (MREs), two cans of Permethrin to bug proof our uniforms, four dip kits of Permethrin, also for our uniforms, two bottles of sunscreen and two more tubes of bug juice.

One class we had today was on Rules of Engagement (ROE). A card was given that outlines the ROE. Key words were given: Necessary and Proportional
We went over the Four “S’s”:
Shout- Vernal warnings in Dari,Farsi,Urdu and Arabic
Show- your weapon
Shove- use non lethal force
Shoot-to kill (on scene commander may authorize)
Civilians are not targets. One soldier asked how can you tell the difference between al Qaeda and a civilian? Look for a weapon and body language. Most civilians get out of Dodge when the bullets fly.

Then it told how treat Persons under Control (PUC), convoy operations and scenarios. They were just common sense and we will go over them in route to Afghanistan. The scenarios had situations and response for the most commonly encountered issues that troops in the past have encounter.

This is one list of best writing of a blog and the essential library to go with it. It will take many hours to fully digest these two lists, but it will help you understand what is going on in the world. You might not agree with it, but at least you will be more aware of what is going on in the back ground.

Here is a blog dedicated to the M-16 family and what may come after it. It is serious gun talk like this.

The show has finally started. The big man is in country and I will be there with him soon.


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