Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today, long haul, SPIDERS, THANKS and UN duty.

Today was pretty good. First the sun came out for a few hours. It was the first time in a few weeks since I seen it and the wind was not blowing so walking around was pleasant. Second, our Commander was promoted to full bird Colonel. He is a great guy, who gives us a mission and then lets us execute. No micro-managing on his side of the fence. Then he tells the unit that he buying around at the local pizza/beer haus. So we are all having a good time playing pool, loading the jukebox full of Euros for American hip hop and rock and roll, while pizza is being consumed in massive qualities. Then he asks “what time is first formation?” We all tell him zero eight and he asks another question “what are we doing that is so important?” A few soldiers shrug their shoulders others said waiting for the call forward so we can go to the airfield; then he said “first formation at 10:00. Now exercise the alert roster and see if it works.” There will be a few people who wished they left their cell phones on tonight.

I have written that we will be in Afghanistan for the long haul in the past. Well here is the proof- the US is building permanent housing for the military at Bagram Airfield. When we were in Bosnia and Kosovo at the quarters were in Force Provider (more details here.) tents on non-permanent conexes, but when you pour cement for building foundations-we will be in Afghanistan for a long time. I bet a tour of duty in Afghanistan will be an austere version of the 1960’s tour in South Korea. Hell, there is a Burger King, an Italian pizzeria, two coffee shops and a Thai restaurant are there right now with a Popeyes, Dairy Queen and Orange Julius are scheduled to open in the next few months. Is this the influence of the Air Force?

SPIDERS is one of the new of the new high tech tools that the army is putting to use in Afghanistan.

I like to hello to all the new visitors and thanks to the Mudville Gazette for highlighting this blog! Have a fine Army day!

I think Schadenfrude has figured out why so many soldiers are praying for the US to be involved in an UN lead force to verify the Syrian pullout.


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