Monday, March 14, 2005

Tonight, environment, rugs, comments and class

Tonight we are having dinner/party for the troops and their families. It is one way for soldiers who live locally to say good bye to their family. I did this on New Years day, so I will just kick back, be polite, and do the grip and grin. Almost the entire unit wants to leave today and get the show on the road. Waiting around for the flight out of here and being bored is a morale killer. Tomorrow I get to see the doctor and he or she will examine where I received the smallpox vaccination shot. Then it is a team brief on updates from Afghanistan and hit the gym.

Last night I talked to my wife and two daughters on my cell or mobile phone as the British would call it. I was in a class room that had a VCR tape player and I just watched a tape with my two daughters playing with their toys, reading a book, crawling on the kitchen floor, going to dance class and other activities that a three year old and 10 month old would do while I talking to them on my phone. It was kind of surrealistic.

Today the sun came out and I walked around. It was nice outside not to windy and the temperature was about the mid 40s. It is time to go out and run.

Now I can save the environment and the world all at same time by driving this. I wonder how it would hold up when it is up-armored.

I might buy one of these war rugs for my hooch.

Read about our A-hole Swedish friend's comments about soldiers helping out. I just crossed Sweden off my list of countires to visit. Don’t spend you hard earned dollars as a tourist there.

This is one more reason that the Red Sox is the classiest team in baseball.


Blogger Mike said...

Check out this list of bloggers from Afghanistan over at CaliValleyGirl.

7:51 PM  
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