Saturday, April 02, 2005

Engagement, source, toilet, strategy and quote

I just met an old colleague at the DFAC and when I showed up he was talking about an engagement he was in. It sounded intense and I was thinking he was lucky to make it out alive until he said that he save the game and went to a brief. After that I asked what the hell the talking about until he told me about playing a game on his personal computer and they are hooked up to a wireless LAN in the tents. Many troops play video games to relax. Over at the Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) tent soldiers can borrow an X-box and video games to hook up to a TV. Then it is time to blast away. May be at the end of this deployment I will be able to hold my own in HALO 2.

Here is a great source of information on Afghansitan:

Some more proof that the Taliban is going down the toilet.,000500020005.htm

The article outlines the strategy ( of al Queda. It is pretty good since they are thinking real long term, but we are too, at least the military is. Are you? It is your children’s future that AQ wants.

Quote: you are special just like everyone else.

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Blogger Mike said...

Because blogger sucks


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Blogger Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Just a thought about the links not posting. You haven't changed your text editor, have you? e.g., you used to use Notepad and started using Wordpad?

I had that problem, Wordpad for some reason would configure some of the characters differently than Notepad and that was even when I did a SaveAs to a .txt file. Went back to Notepad and no more problems. Go figure.

BTW - Watch your six over there.

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