Thursday, April 07, 2005

flying around and quote

I am sorry for not writing lately. I basically inherited a cluster f_k of a mess from my predecessor and I am now able to keep my head above the water to see what is going on.

One of the more interesting things I did recently was to fly around to get a feel of the situation and see the ground. A lot of the terrain in Afghanistan is mined and that is why I did not drive or walk it. The Soviets and Taliban used mines like we used toilet paper. That is why American soldiers are told not to throw candy into fields when children swarm around convoys, a kid may get a limb blown off while looking for candy in a field. So I flew around some areas that I thought that US forces might have to show more “love” to.

Before taking off the crew chief conducted a pre-flight brief and inspection: body armor, weapon, helmet, ear plugs, ect….Then when into detail on how to egress the bird if it had took hostile fire or auto-rotated. I auto-rotated once and it sucked. Basically auto-rotation is a controlled crash or landing with great velocity. It is better than any ride at Disney World. Then he asked me what we do if there was an engine fire while taxing. I told him that he would flip the fire suppression system on and I would get the f--k out quickly. That got a chuckle.

After baking in the bird while waiting our turn to turn to taxi, because transports were taking off or other helos were landing, we started to go down the runway to take off. One of the door gunners was fooling with his M-60 machine gun and then I hear over my headset that he dropped part of a belt of ammo on to the runway. Shit. Do you know what FOD is? FOD is Foreign Object Debris that can cause aircraft engine damage. It is one thing for an engine to suck a rock or pebble in to an engine, but a 7.62 bullet would ruin your day. So we started to hover around looking for ammo on the ground. That was fun and then I asked the pilot how long are we going to spend looking for bullets? After that question he called the tower explained what happened and requested a runway cleaner to vacuum the suspected area.

After that we flew around with our GPS, cameras and maps to get acquainted with our new playground.

Quote: I have no problem on who kills who.


Blogger Brendon said...


Kath and I just got back from Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Ja ja.
Good time. We went to Arnhem and the hotel that was the HQ for Operation Market Garden in WWII (imortalized in the film "A Bridge Too Far"). I got you some memorabilia and will send along with some DVDs.

We pray for you and your safety and that you are working with good people. Keep your head down and do good.

Brendon and Kath

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