Friday, April 01, 2005


I lift and work out every morning when possible and the gym here at KAF it is one of the most testosterone and macho gym in the world. Where in the United States would put your machine gun or rifle in a storage rack when entering? That is just a safety rule for the gym. Most people who lift or run in the gym wear the Army Physical Fitness Uniform or the black shorts with the unit t-shirt. All the shirts have units crest with mottos like “aces of death”, “killer engineers”, or “death dealers.” While lifting today the music was from late ‘90s early 00’s heavy metal of Godsmack or Ramstien and on the big screen the TV was showing Russell Crow in “Gladiator.” Most people stopped when Russell killed an opponent by hacking his head off with two swords. You know the scene. A couple of soldiers said “cool” or that the way to kill some one. Then it was back to lifting. I think Arnold S. would approve.


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