Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Respect, read, image, quote, and note

Not so long ago on a sunny morning, the remains of a Romanian soldier were flown back to his country. At first light a Romanian C-130 was on the ramp waiting. A company plus formation of American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force personnel stood waiting to pay their respects to this Romanian soldier who was part of the coalition forces. The soldier was killed when his vehicle hit a mine or IED that was emplaced by the Taliban or al Qaeda forces.

Then the Romanian battalion marched on to the ramp facing the American contingent, with a truck holding the casket of the soldier draped with the Romanian flag with the American flag at the foot of the coffin.

Music was played and it was a slow dredge then the Chaplin from the Romanian Army said a prayer in Romanian that sound like a Gregorian chant. A twenty one gun salute was given by the Romanian Battalion. After that a procession that was lead with a large orthodox cross, then a photo of the dead soldier was carried by two of his fellow soldiers, the leadership of the battalion, an honor guard carrying the casket, and last was his squad mates. As the casket was carried by all the Romanian and American soldiers showed respect to the fallen soldier by rendering a salute until the whole procession passed by and the casket was loaded on the C-130.

After that both armies left the ramp, went to parade rest, the cargo airplane started its engines then taxied down the runway and took off.

What was surprising that there were a few civilian contractors were also paying their respect to a fallen comrade. We are all the same to the Taliban- people who are helping to bring Afghanistan to the 21st century.

Does Islam improve Christianity? Read and make your own decision.

Image hosted by Stacking weapons while waiting for a pizza.

Quote: β€œIt might develop into a JDAM party.”

Note: There are lots of great events and operations going on, but due to OPSEC, I will not be blogging about those.


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