Sunday, July 24, 2005

Good news, links and entertainment.

Good new from Afghanistan. Read all of this and you will know more about Afganistan than 99% percent of the world.

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When it rains; it pours and a few weeks ago we had some good entertainers performed at KAF. The British had a road show with a Comedian. He was not “ PC as you F____ Americans would say.” He was pretty funny, busting on US Forces, food in the field, the lack of women, alcohol and how soldiers dealt with those and other issues.

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Also the Brits had four female dancers who looked like they were enjoying each-one soldier said they look like Madonna side show.

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The British comedian was funny picking soldiers while performing his act. The last part of the British Road Show had band that played good rock and roll.

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The Denver Bronco Cheerleaders came and one soldier commented that it was like high school pep rally with hottest cheerleaders. They had soldiers up on stage acting silly dressed in different clothes.

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An all girl AC/DC metal cover band “Thund her Struck” was the last of the entrainment streak. They were good, but they needed a bigger sound system. Heavy metal should be at deafening levels to make sure that the Taliban would hear it.

I will be away from the computer for the next few weeks, but don't worry I will be back.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rocket attack, mines, anwsers, new links and quote

Yes, there was a rocket attack here. I am all right. Don’t worry, I what did I was suppose to do and I will not go into much detail other that when you hear a rocket fly over your head, it sounds like God is ripping a big bed sheet and a loud bang like an artillery cannon going off, but with a different pitch when the rocket impacts. I understand two civilian contractors were seriously injured, but basically it was harassment fire. The next morning you could see how people deal with stress: some were a bit quieter and others were making morbid jokes. I just said a prayer, made my list of tasks and started my duty for the day-smiling, because I am alive.

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You see lots of these all over the place, courtesy of the former Soviet Union.

Mike posted asks two questions in the comment section in a previous post. Here are the two answers to his question. I like beef jerky. Especially the beef bits from Tillamook Country Smoker. It is bit cheaper in the PX! That's some good bits, Jed!

The employees at Chilis and Applebee’s in the mall are all Third Country Nationals or (TCNs). As I was told, native born citizens of Qatar get a check form the government for 80 thousand dollars a year. They don’t have to work, just run a businesses. The majority (80%) of the residents of Qatar are TCNs. There is no immigration, just guest workers (TCNs) and if a female citizen of Qatar marries a non-citizen, her children will not be citizens of Qatar. Most TCN workers live in a separate section of Doha, Qatar and send their money to their families back in the home country. Most of the time they will make better money there than at home.

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Quote: I think I want to become a mole.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Movies and tools

During the last few weeks I seen a few movies, such as the new Star Wars, Batman, and Mr and Mrs. Smith on pirated DVD.

I am no professional movie critic, but after being here in a war zone I look at movies differently.

I was laughing AT the stupidity of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are supposed to be a pair of great assassins? GTFOOH! They would flunk out of basic rifle marksmanship and close quarter battle drill. The scene when they shoot up their own house-what a joke. Brad is a pogue and Angelina is a bad joke.

Star Wars: Hayden Christensen is Darth Vader? Nope he is a total wanker as the Brits would say. What a whimp.

Batman: cool car and decent action. One bitch, if you have to go hand to hand, show the real blood and guts, not the wimpy crap.

Here are some images of old tools being dusted off to reach out and touch the enemy
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Monday, July 04, 2005

Images and hot

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Since it is the Forth of July and being an American, I figure I should post two images related our country’s birthday. First is an image of old glory flying through a hole blasted by a JDAM in the “Taliban Last Stand” building or referred by its acronym “TLS.” The building was where the Taliban got their wish for 72 virgins courtesy of the USAF.

Image hosted by We can be far away from home, but we can bring a little bit of home to Kandahar. Today the DFAC served steak, lobster, shrimp, ribs and near beer. It was good, now I will have to run and lift tonight.

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Guess I used today? A toilet and shower. You might think big deal, but for all the residents of modular housing here, we had to walk a block or two to a shipping container that was converted into a mobile latrine. Now we have to don’t walk outside half a sleep to use the toilet at night.

It has cooled off to the low 100’s instead of 140 degrees plus. I know it was hot when soldiers who served in Iraq were complaining saying that it is hotter here than Iraq.