Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rocket attack, mines, anwsers, new links and quote

Yes, there was a rocket attack here. I am all right. Don’t worry, I what did I was suppose to do and I will not go into much detail other that when you hear a rocket fly over your head, it sounds like God is ripping a big bed sheet and a loud bang like an artillery cannon going off, but with a different pitch when the rocket impacts. I understand two civilian contractors were seriously injured, but basically it was harassment fire. The next morning you could see how people deal with stress: some were a bit quieter and others were making morbid jokes. I just said a prayer, made my list of tasks and started my duty for the day-smiling, because I am alive.

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You see lots of these all over the place, courtesy of the former Soviet Union.

Mike posted asks two questions in the comment section in a previous post. Here are the two answers to his question. I like beef jerky. Especially the beef bits from Tillamook Country Smoker. It is bit cheaper in the PX! That's some good bits, Jed!

The employees at Chilis and Applebee’s in the mall are all Third Country Nationals or (TCNs). As I was told, native born citizens of Qatar get a check form the government for 80 thousand dollars a year. They don’t have to work, just run a businesses. The majority (80%) of the residents of Qatar are TCNs. There is no immigration, just guest workers (TCNs) and if a female citizen of Qatar marries a non-citizen, her children will not be citizens of Qatar. Most TCN workers live in a separate section of Doha, Qatar and send their money to their families back in the home country. Most of the time they will make better money there than at home.

Updated for the sidebar or new links:

US Army in Afghanistan
Firepower Forward - The Cutting Edge of Freedom
A Storm in Afghanistan

Citizens from Afghanistan
Afghan Pundit
Afghan LORD
Afghan Reality
ABOUT AFGHANISTAN در باره افغانستان

Quote: I think I want to become a mole.


Blogger Sean said...

Hey Bob! Glad to hear from you (so to speak).

Problems with mail? SC Eagle posted something to that effect.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oprah had a lady on from Qatar. Basically everything is free: healthcare, free money upon birth, free college! Everyone is quite well off.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Jeremiah said...

You may be interested in my blog on insurgency warfare and the war in Iraq, the WOT and other things. I've got a rather long article on there about platter charges.

If you like it, link it. I'm going to be linking to this one.

7:13 AM  

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