Sunday, August 28, 2005

Video, dope, TIC, and jingle truck

Over at The Siegrist Blog there is an awesome video. Go check it out.

You dope, America has not forgotten Afghanistan. That is why I and 18 thousand troops are here fighting against this. Remember, on the 18th September Afghanistan will have an election despite the wishes of the Taliban.

This really describes what a Troops In Contact (TIC- as we say in the 21st century US Army) is like. Mr. Yon is one of the best writers around and should be published in every newspaper. His blog puts the New York Times to shame.

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Here is another jingle truck image.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It is a bit hot around here. The first type of heat is the type that the US and Coalition Forces are putting on the Taliban and al Qaeda overlords. Right now there have been a few casualties here in Afghanistan, but it is not widely reported that the Taliban has taken a lot of hits. Most of the heat is in a few provinces and the rest of the Afghanistan is cool and peaceful. All the locals know what the Taliban stands for-they were in power and ran the country like feudal fiefdom. The local populace will decide who will win by voting and not being intimated by the Taliban. The parliamentary election will be held on the 18th of September. Actually the Taliban is so stupid, if they were smart they would run for office or form a political front with candidates like other terrorist organizations has done in the past, but they hate the concept of democracy so much will not do so. Guess who is the real losers are? Yep, our adversaries from the 14th century-the Taliban.

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The second type is the good old type is generated by the sun. Here is image of how hot it was a few weeks ago. Today it topped out at 119 degrees. In the morning it is cool at 80 degrees so running is nice.