Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hot, election and sunglasses

It is hot outside for the Taliban. So hot for 16 of them, that they are going collect on their virgins real soon. This confirms what we hear outside all the time: the constant sounds of helicopters and CAS flying in support of operations.

Guess how the Taliban deals with those who are involved with the election? Behead them.

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One of the icons of WWII was the Ray Ban aviator sunglasses. Remember the Life Magazine cover with Douglass Macarthur? Guess what he was wearing? Those sunglasses set the standard of cool. Now we are in the 21st century and the US Army issuing Wiley X ballistic eye protection to all soldiers in the CENTCOM AO. Earlier version of ballistic eye protection was butt ugly. Who wanted to go into battle wearing safety glasses that were dubbed birth control glasses by the troops? With glasses that ugly nobody wore them. Then regular Army soldiers saw the Special Operations Forces looking cool wearing the Wiley X optics . Cool like Neo out the movie "The Matrix." Now all the troops want to wear their new safety/ballistic eye protection. Even the Coalition Forces and the ANA want them. Fifty years from now when you look at videos and images on how we won the war on terror and defeat the Taliban and al Qaeda you will see you a US Army soldier with his or hers WileyX sunglasses.

Postscript: I just found out that Oakley just got the contract for ballistic eyewear. I will be trying to get a new pair for myself.


Blogger Mike said...

Good commentary on the sunglasses/eye protection.

It's interesting to look at the current GWOT (or whatever we're calling it now) from the prism of 50 years in the future. I wonder if men like Brad Kasal, Rafael Peralta, Paul Smith, and Erik Kurilla will be remembered then as the heroes of WWII are remembered today.

One can only hope.

4:11 AM  
Blogger bavikati said...

I would hope so also. I do believe though that the perception of Iraq conflict by the general public will overshadow what is going on in Afghanistan. It is unfortunate, but I have already heard many parallels made to the Vietnam conflict. How many heroes can most of us name from that conflict? The media buried them in a wave of negative publicity. I guess that all we can do is continue to make people aware of the reality of the situation and hope everyone recognizes that there is good being done.

3:44 PM  
Blogger DakotaAviator said...

I loved the Wiley X's when I first saw them once I got on the ground for OEF in 03-04. Finally I hooked up two pair (slightly different styles) from an Air Force friend in a "drug deal" (AKA - barter).

I wore them about two weeks until I got a pair of UVEX Safety Glasses then I ditched the Wileys.

Sure they are cool looking but I encountered several problems with them including not being vented well (much fogging inside the lenses) and a slightly funny shape that made them feel weird (irritating).

The UVEX's were rated to the same ballistic safety standards, had amber lenses instead of grey (better visibility and detail) and they only cost about 8 bucks new with replacement lenses running about 5 bucks (one peice lense).

Looking at the UVEX website you can find the Uvex XC here:

They run about 10 to 15 dollars depending on lens color/frame combination.

Also worth noting is this:
"Note:the popular Wiley-X ballistic protective spectacle is no longer on the RFI list."
from the Fort Hood Army Hosptial website.

Check out the link.

There are alternatives to the overpriced Wiley X's.

These are also interesting,


12:14 AM  
Blogger Sherry said...

I first saw a pair of Wiley safety glasses from a shooting range last year. I just have started shooting and I'm really getting the hang of it. Wiley X prescription safety glasses are what I'm using now, and they're very impressive! Cool design yet built to last! They're so cool that my shooting day wouldn't be any complete without them.

8:52 AM  

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