Saturday, October 22, 2005

Controversy, vets and poster

There is a controversy going on. Some of the Afghans I talked to said that the Taliban deserved what they got. One mentioned that car bombs are bad and why is the Taliban getting upset? What does a suicide bomber looks like after he perpetrates his evil deed? They blasphemed Islam and put Afghanistan through hell, so it is pay back. A few soldiers said we were giving them a Viking warrior funeral. Yes, it is against the Geneva War Convention, some soldiers are saying that the reporter is making a quick buck that and is out to crap on the US Army. I say there is nothing off the record with the press around, so I will do my research on an embedded reporter. As a soldier, I might be his next meal ticket or victim, so I will mind my P’s and Q’s around the press.

The VFW has an article about Vietnam vetrans who are still serving. It is an interesting contrast and shows how time changes or don't change the situation.

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Afghan Anti-opium poster

Postscript: Over at the Intel dump, an intelligent analysis is put forth and at StrategyPage tells what is the impact in the Islamic world. Trust me the everyday Afghan does not give a rat’s ass what happens to the Taliban. There are no big demonstrations by the Afghans going on right now. The Afghans just want to crawl out of the 14th century that was imposed on by the Taliban. The Taliban had their chance to rule Afghanistan and they blew it. Now they are assassinating Mullahs (leading Muslim clerics) Non Governmental (doctors and nurses) charity workers and government officials. What a bush of ass hats.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Comedy, Canadians, lamers, wantabe heros and kids.

I am busy, but here are a few items that stand out:

We had a few comedians drop by to help us forget that we are here for a few minutes. They were both funny and one even made a diary on line of his adventures here while did his comedy tour. His comments about “Burka boy Thursday” and the ramp ceremony are spot on, sick and funny. You got to be here to understand.

The Canadians are now going for blood.

He is right, paint ball is for lamers. This why I joined the army, because cleaning house is fun! Check out the video.

Since I have been here, I can catch a few minutes of ESPN, baseball or other athletic games on AFN. Now I look at athletes as well paid actors. You want to meet some great athletes, join the military. We stay in shape because it is life and death matter. Football players with their bling bling attitude, give me a f'ing break. Basketball players: what a bunch of prima donnas. Don’t even get me going about soccer players-what a bunch of fakers and pussies; especially the European variety. So check out the Best Ranger contest and see some real athletes. I hope AFN and Discovery Channel broadcast it again.

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Kids on the side of the road.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Favor, NATO, virgins and store

I am going to do the media a favor. They can cut and paste the following for a headline: We are winning in Afghanistan. The BLUF or Bottom Line Up Front: Two successful elections and no real opposition to the election. That’s right – no suicide bombers at the polling or voting stations. Yes there was violence, but not enough to scare Afghans from voting. The elections have been certified by the UN and other NGOs as being fair and conducted according to international standards. How do I know this? Unlike the majority of the media, I am here in Afghanistan. I see this place everyday. I run on it roads. I have delivered donated clothes, books and toys to Afghan children. I talk and drink chia with village elders, and play with their children. I have seen the progress for the last six months. This might piss off those who hate the US Army and or America, but Afghanistan is making a slow climb out of the dark ages of the Russian occupation who tried to impose their version of compassionate socialism and vicious Taliban/al Qaeda rule. Women ran for office and voted; for a very Islamic country that is progressive. Even the Kuchis voted. On the ladder of life, the Kutchis or nomads are looked down upon by many Afghans and will be represented in the new parliament. Food is being grown in record crop levels and refugees are returning en mass. Will any of the whiners on the left say anything good about the US Army for helping Afghanistan? That is our mission here: to help the Afghans after years of hell and establish democracy. Do you support us and our mission?

This pretty well confirms everything. When I talk to the Dutch, British and Canadians and ask them: will your country go crazy and pull out if your country suffers casualties? Most of the soldiers just mumble or smile.

A Saudi’s look at the 72 virgin part of being a suicide bomber. Every Afghan I have ever talked to calls suicide bombers Arab pussies who do not fight like a man.

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A store in Kandahar.