Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

I like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and safe and bountiful New Year.
Take care and God bless you.

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Local children
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Quote fore the day: Every day is Monday.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Images and our press

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A building that is going up outside of KAF.

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The “Golden Arches” in Kandahar City. It is a prominent landmark to navigate in the city. There are not many billboards in Afghanistan, but most are selling cell phone service.

This is a post on some of the ass hats in the media. She is spot on.

Links galore

Here are a few good articles to read. I will put a decent post up soon, but I have been busy.

Let’s see if the Europeans can pull their weight.

We will find out today if the Dutch will do so. But the Canadians may be holding the bag.

Want to see the UN and Afghans debate? Read this.

More news from Afghanistan that will never make the crap pile in America.

Torture? I know people who pay money to go to places like this.

Here are some of the Michael Moore’s buddies in action. What a bunch ass hats. Do you wonder why the Afghans rat them out?

Is this the way we declare victory over al Qaeda? We will win, but it will take just as long at to defeat communism.
This is al Qaeda’s vision. This is what we are fighting. Notice they don’t give crap about Bush. Clinton, Bush, and Kerry; they are all the same in al Qaeda’s book: Infidels to kill.

Quote: He may be a shithead, but he is our shithead.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

End state, crap, irony, and media

The Taliban and al Qaeda will never negotiate with the infidel Americans and their Afghan lackies. The Coalition, US and Afghan forces can not eliminate hatred, misogamy and pedophilia and those are some of the better qualities of the Taliban. The US is promoting education, democracy, economic growth and women’s rights. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they did the opposite. The US will have a presence in Afghanistan for many more years. Just ask the Germans, Italians, and Japanese how long America has bases on their soil. Ask any Afghan if they want the US to leave and the answer is no. We are seen as the fair dealers and the one nation who has backed up our words with deeds. The Russians and Taliban had their chance and blew it. Now it Americans and with the Coalition Nations who are hunting the Taliban down and helping the Afghans join the community of nations in the 21st century. The Taliban will be around but marginalized, consorting with criminals and those who want to warp time and go back 700 years.

I have seen this piece of crap and this review sums up this video debacle.

If you look hard, you can see this happening. The US is helping Muslims go on the Hajj. Life is full of irony.

Did you hear about this in the news in America? I bet not, but you did see this jem. Once you read the Globe's article do you get the impression that we are loosing with the photo adding weight? Remember blood and sex sell. Ignore that crap in the defeatist press, read some good analysis and get the real scoop instead of listening to the droning marionettes on the boob tube.

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Supporting the students.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I am back

Hello I am back. I have been kind of busy, it happens in a war zone. One small and lame reason I have not posted for a while was I lost my personal USB memory stick. Usually I carry it all the time so when I have an ideal to post I can open up a word document and start typing away or resize images. When I go out on a mission and that has been happening more lately, I usually clean out my pockets and take out personal items to leave back in my room. Also I get kind of anal retentive or OCD about packing ammo, GPS, map, spare power bars, knives and mission related items. So when I came back I could not find my memory stick; I ripped apart my section of the room. So guess what happened? I lost my memory stick and went ape shit for a few days.

I have been working with the Afghans and I have come to the conclusions that most have a complete different set of values. If something does not happen or goes to shit, it is not somebody’s fault or responsibility. It is “ishmal Allah” or God wills it. It is frustrating and I feel sorry for the interpreters who are stuck in the middle between a US soldier and the Afghan National Army, Police or Border Police.

It is a trip to go in to a village or even Kandahar city because if you took away the cars, bicycles, Jingle trucks and cell phones, this place would have look the same as it did a thousand years ago.

Also it a land of extreme contrasts here. You will see an old man on a cart being pulled by a donkey yakking away on a cell phone or a herd of sheep moving out of the way in a village with dirt streets for a Lexus SUV with gold trim and pimped out rims. You can drive by mud huts and then see a palace that looks like it came off the strip in Las Vegas.

We go rocketed a few weeks ago, but big deal. It is harassment fire. The real big news that murder bombers are being imported. 90% or more Afghans hate them. Ask them and they say rightly that all they kill is civilians. They are right. US forces have the means to fight them. Civilians are just Taliban and al Qaeda collateral damage. One of the interpreters I worked with said if he sees an empty taxi, he runs away.
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A store on the side of the road.

Quote for the day: This has been an extreme exercise of futility. Let’s do it again tomorrow.